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Adding Computer (Editing Computer Card)

You can add new computer records to the computer list manually using the toolbar button "Computers - Add". That will open the "Computer card" window. You can also bring up this window later for editing computer records. Select a computer on the list, click the right mouse button, and select the "Computer Card" item in the context menu.

To add a computer, you need to fill in the Computer (a displayed name) and the Network Address (DNS, WINS, or IP address for accessing the PC over the network) fields which are mandatory. The computer inventory data is polled using the computers' network addresses. You can use an alphanumerical hostname (a computer's network name, i.e. its WINS or DNS address) when using the dynamic addressing DHCP or a direct IP address (four numbers of this pattern:

Learn more on the computer addressing in the program.

Enter Additional information (room, phone number, etc.) at the middle part of the window. Select a necessary field and then click "Edit". You can add your own fields using the "Configure fields" link.

You can also add and enter the inventory and serial numbers of computer components and devices, if necessary. Click "Add", select a component and fill in the "Serial number" or "Asset #" accordingly.

By enabling the "Gather Data Using Agent" option on the "Data collection settings" section of the window, you tell the program to gather the data through the agent service running on the computer instead of gathering the data through WMI.

Confirm the changes by clicking "Finish". The new computer will be added to the list and will become available for the remote inventory scanning.

The unregistered program cannot add more than three computers to the inventory list after the 30-day trial period expiration. Please purchase a license key for working with any number of computers you need after the trial period expiration.


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