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WMI Polling Errors

This topic contains possible errors displayed by the program after an attempt to poll the inventory data from remote computers via WMI. You can learn the possible error causes and how to avoid it. Unfortunately, the system does not provide more information about the errors to the program so we cannot detect the error's cause ourselves.

1. "Access Denied" Error

Possible reasons:

  • No administrator rights
    The program should have local admin rights on remote computers in order to get the data from them via WMI. If your account (you run the program with) does not have the admin rights, you need to configure the domain admin account in the program (Service | Accounts). It is better to specify the administrator username in the domain\username format.
  • Wrong username and password
    The admin account configured in the program has wrong password or username. Please provide correct username and password. It is better to specify the administrator username in the domain\username format.
  • DCOM is blocked
    The DCOM service should not be blocked by the security policy. WMI operates over DCOM.


2. "Connection Timed-Out" Error

Possible reasons:

  • Computer is offline
    You need to wait until the target computer is turned on. You can use the Scheduler (configure it in the program settings) and the program will constantly try to poll the offline computers according to the scheduled polling tasks.
  • The Firewall is blocking the connection
    Try to disable the Firewall on problem computers (and on the local PC where the program is installed) temporarily and see whether this helps. If this does not help, the problem is somewhere else.
  • The DCOM and RPC services are not running
    Please check that the RPC is started and running on your and remote PCs.
  • WMI is broken
    Sometimes, WMI stops working after a system update (on your or remote PC). If all computers are not polled from your PC, the problem is likely on your PC. If only some computers are not polled, the problem can be on those PCs. In all cases, if WMI has stopped working you need to fix it. How to fix/restore broken WMI


3. Other Errors with Error Code Provided

Please contact us and send the program's log files to us for fixing these errors or making more understandable messages. To copy the log files, please select the "Help" -> "Copy the program's log files..." in the main menu.


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