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10-Strike Connection Monitor FAQ

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Q: How to monitor the file deletion/creation? The program's log file does not contain records about these events.

A: File and folder deletion can be detected but this feature is not enabled by default. You need to configure the creation/deletion alert for a monitored folder.


Q: The program supports the file creation and deletion monitoring on a share but it does not display names of persons (or their computer names) who deleted or created files. Why is this? I need to know who deleted my file.

A: The standard system mechanism for monitoring access to shares cannot log file deletion and creation. It logs user connections and the file open events.

The program has its own mechanism for monitoring the file creation and deletion in a specified folder. Unlike the connection monitoring mechanism, it cannot determine a user who performed the delete/create/rename operation. However, by analyzing the alert and connection logs, you can figure out which user was connected to the folder at the time the file was removed. Please note that the program will log file deletions and creations performed by a local user as well. So, this method of detecting a person who deleted a file is not 100% accurate.

Anyway, we suppose this is better than nothing. :)


Q: I added a user to the black list but he still can read my folders. Why is that?

A: The "Black list" function allows disconnecting annoying users when they are downloading a huge amount of data slowing down your PC. The blacklist function does not block such users completely from accessing your shares. It allows them to list your folders and open small files, but when they try to download large files (which take several seconds or more for downloading), they will be disconnected.

If you need to block some users completely, please use the system share access and security settings.