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Network Software for Windows: Monitoring, Administration, Management, Inventory, Mapping, Diagramming

10-Strike Software logo10-Strike Software is a software developing company. The product line includes network monitoring software, computer inventory software, network management software, LAN topology discovery, file searching program, bandwidth monitoring and Internet traffic usage solution, and remote user access auditing tool.

Access methods include the SNMP, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and many other advanced network protocols and technologies.

Our products are presented on the world market since 1999. In 2003, the company concentrated on creating and marketing administrative and networking applications (primarily for the Windows platform).

10-Strike Software has resellers worldwide. Primary resellers are located in the USA, Germany, Russian Federation, Japan, Switzerland, and Turkey.


Computer Inventory Software

Network Computer Inventory "10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer" is a powerful computer inventory software which allows you to maintain a computer inventory database. View hardware and software on network computers remotely, track hardware and software changes, plan upgrades, generate reports on installed applications and hardware, mine data and export it to your database. Learn more...

Network Monitoring Software

Network Monitor "10-Strike Network Monitor" is a monitoring program which allows you to obtain online data on the time a device becomes available and the time it goes out, and thus ensure a prompt response to various events. See response times graphs in real-time, configure alerts, and be notified when your services work slower or go down. Learn more...

Network Monitoring software - LANState "10-Strike LANState" is a simple NMS. This visual network mapper and monitor allows you to see the state of your network at any time on a graphical map. Monitor your servers, switches, drives, services, and databases in real time. Configure alerts and be notified on failures or any other specific events. Manage your hosts, workstations, and servers using the program's visual LAN map. Learn more...

Bandwidth Monitor "10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor" is a traffic and bandwidth monitoring program which allows you to obtain online data on the traffic volume utilized by hosts on your LAN (switches, computers, routers, etc.), calculates and displays the current bandwidth. See the bandwidth graphs in real-time, configure alerts and be notified when hosts download more traffic than the configured limit. Learn more...

Network Diagram and Mapping Software

network diagram "10-Strike Network Diagram" builds diagrams of local networks and draws network topology by scanning switches using the SNMP protocol. The program contains a feature-rich diagram editor and an object library with a wide range of device icons. You can save diagrams in popular graphical formats, copy and paste it to a document, or export it to Microsoft Visio for further processing. Or edit network diagrams just in our program because it is much faster than Visio! Learn more...

Network Map and Monitor - LANState "10-Strike LANState" does the network diagramming as well (using the same scanning engine). But in addition to the network mapping functions, LANState monitors the mapped hosts in the real time displaying hosts and their state as icons on a graphical map. You can always see active and inactive hosts. This basic NMS allows you to discover new hosts, monitor switch ports and other parameters via SNMP, and manage Windows computers. Learn more...

Network File Searching Software

Search files in local network The "10-Strike Network File Search" program can search files on your LAN shares and FTP servers. Specify a search string, quickly find the necessary files, and save handy reports. The program uses fast multithreading searching engine and works very fast. It allows you to search content in documents as well. Learn more...

Share and Folder Access Monitoring Software

Connection Monitor "10-Strike Connection Monitor" monitors remote users' connections and their access to shared resources, folders, and files, records all sessions to a log file. The program generates screen, sound, and e-mail notifications on connections. Monitor file and folder access, log file deletion and creation. The log file stores the exhaustive data on connected users, folders and files accessed. Learn more...

Networking Software Bundles

Networking Sowftare We offer all our networking products bundled together. Buy one of our bundles and save money! We offer "10-Strike Mega-Bundle" including all our 7 networking products listed above offering a comprehensive set of functions which can be useful for any system administrator, IT professional, or LAN engineer. Learn more about bundles...

Disk Cataloging Software

CD Database, Disk Catalog - SearchMyDiscs "10-Strike SearchMyDiscs" is a disk catalog which creates your own CD database. Search files on your disks fast and easily. SearchMyDiscs scans disks and organizes CD/DVD disk collections, so you can find the necessary file or disk in seconds. Create reports on the disk content. Learn more...

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Network Inventory

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Network Computer Inventory

Network Asset Management

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Track Software Changes on Remote Computers

Network Diagram Builder

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Visual Network Mapper

Search Files on Local Network and FTP Servers

Monitor Remote User Connections to Shared Resources on Computers

Monitor User Access to Shares, Audit Shared Folders and Files

Scan Network and Search for Computers