Getting Started with the Bandwidth Monitor

1. Launch the program.
If you are running the application for the first time, you will see the application's main window "10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor" and the Network Scanning Wizard window.


2. Find hosts on your network quickly and easily and add them to the monitoring list using the Network Scanning Wizard.

If the Wizard was unable to find all hosts, you can add the missing ones to the monitoring list manually.

You can organize the found hosts into groups by creating those and then dragging the hosts into them using the mouse.


3. Add sensors to the found hosts.
Each host can have any number of network interfaces. One sensor can monitor the traffic which only runs through one network interface. Create the necessary number of bandwidth monitoring sensors using the Sensor Parameters Wizard.


4. Use the Context and Main menus, Toolbar buttons for accessing the application functions.
All the application functions are accessible through the context menu, toolbar, main menu and will be described further on.