You can use the following hotkeys for speeding up the access to the program functions.

Ctrl + R

Connect to the server (bandwidth monitoring service)

Ctrl + P

Display the program settings

Ins Add a group


Delete a group, host, or sensor

Ctrl + H

Add a host

Ctrl + Enter

Edit a host properties


Force polling


Refresh the sensor list


Open the help system


Hide the program to the system tray (when this setting is enabled)

Double Mouse Click

Edit a host, sensor, or group

When the program is hidden in the system tray, you can activate some function of the program using the following global hotkeys (even when the focus in on another application):

WIN+G - Restore the program from the system tray and display the main window.

... no more hotkeys available yet... :)

All the global hotkeys are used together with the WIN key (the one with the WINDOWS logo) and can be configured.