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Configuring connection log

If the option Maintain connections log is selected, all attempts at accessing your shares by remote users will be recorded in the file that you specify in the appropriate field. The information on disconnected users according to the Black list is also recorded to the log.

Every time you start the program, you can either append new records to the existing log file or rewrite the log file all over.

If you would not like your log file to exceed a specific size, you can limit log file size and specify the maximum file length.

Select Log empty sessions if you want to make records to a log file about all logon sessions (even if no file is opened).

In the section Log structure you can configure the appearance of the information being recorded. If the log file refresh period is too small while the number of shares accessed from remote computers is great, you can deselect the option File name for the sake of saving your computer's shares. In this case, your log file will only have the fields: date, time, IP and MAC addresses, and username.

Fig.1. Connection log settings.

The program can resolve IP addresses to DNS names if you select the corresponging option.