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How to Get Discount or Free License

1. Translate the program interface to your native language and get the program for FREE!

We are interested in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean translations of the following programs:

  • 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer
  • 10-Strike LANState Pro
  • 10-Strike Network Monitor
  • 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor
  • 10-Strike Network Diagram
  • 10-Strike Network File Search

This is not that hard! Please take a look at 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer language file, LANState language file, 10-Strike Network Monitor language file, 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor language file, 10-Strike Network Diagram language file, 10-Strike Network File Search language file. These text files contain interface string constants.

Before you start, please contact us.

How to translate program to your native language from English

You need to find the language file "en.lng" located in the program folder. Create a copy of it and name it according to your language (for example, es.lng or fr.lng). Then, open it in Notepad or other text editor and translate right parts of strings (after the = sign). You can select this new language in the program settings and control the process (whether the translated strings look fine). When you have finished, please send the file to us.


2. You can get a good discount for purchasing our software. Just do something useful for us.

  • Send a success story to us about how our product is helping you in your daily work.
  • Translate some text (site, documentation, or program interface) to German, French, Spanish, Italian. We will tell you what to do.


Tell us how you can help us, and get a discount or a free license!