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Network Diagrammer

10-Stike Network Diagram will help you to create a diagram of your local area network and the Internet host connectivity diagram quickly and conveniently, save it in popular graphical formats, copy and paste it to a document and export it to Microsoft Visio for further processing. The software is fully functional in all versions of the Windows operating systems family, beginning with Windows 2000.

Intended primary purpose:

The application scans a local area network and the Internet hosts, automatically builds a graphical network diagram, displays devices of different types as special icons, draws links between them, and allows editing the map it has generated. Besides that, the application can save the network obtained to these formats:

  • Microsoft Visio Drawing (.vsd).
  • Raster images: Bitmaps (.bmp), JPEG Image (.jpg), Portable Network Graphics (.png).
  • Vector images: Windows Metafiles (.wmf).
  • XML-schema.

Besides that, the application can print the map on a printer.

The program's features:

  • Quick, multithreaded scanning of a local area network within a specified IP range.
  • Simultaneous application of several detection methods for locating network devices: ICMP ping, scanning TCP port list, ARP ping (with conversion of IP addresses to MAC), etc.
  • Intelligent algorithm for resolving type of network devices. Detects networked and local printers, servers, DB servers, routers, switches, hubs, WiFi devices, etc.
  • Obtaining additional information on devices via NetBIOS, UPnP.
  • Finding switches and retrieving information on network connections from them over SNMP v1, 2c, 3.
  • Creating routing diagrams for the Internet hosts (based on the "trace route" function).
  • Delivering scanning results in the CSV format (supported by Microsoft Excel).
  • Automatically building a network diagram; using an intelligent engine to arrange devices on the map in a pleasant form.
  • Convenient diagram editing mechanism: adding new devices from a built-in object library, drawing areas, and lines. Wide choice of styles, fill colors, and text formatting options.
  • Undoing and redoing any number of actions over graphical objects.
  • Copying and pasting objects to other documents (copying to a clipboard in the vector Windows Metafile format).
  • Adding image backgrounds for diagrams. You can even insert images from Google Maps using the program.
  • Saving network diagram as Microsoft Visio documents, raster and vector images.
  • Printing diagram on a printer with options for setting position on page, labels and captions, print quality, and page orientation.
  • Processing several open diagrams simultaneously; quick access to documents created earlier.

Does not require the installation of any client software on remote computers of the network.