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Network Topology Diagram Creation

Discover your network topology and create network diagrams easily with our network diagrammer program!

10-Strike Network Diagram Screenshots 10-Strike Network Diagram is a powerful network topology and diagram creation software for Windows. The program scans your network automatically and builds a graphical network diagram displaying all found computers and devices with different types of vector icons.

If your company network is rather large, it will be a headache to create a network topology diagram manually. Our program provides an easy way to accomplish the task.


Why Do You Need a Network Topology Diagrammer Program?

  • Do you need a network topology diagram for troubleshooting or documentation?
    Our program will discover your network topology and draw network diagrams easily using our powerful network scanning engine and the diagram editor.
  • Are you a new administrator and you would like to discover your LAN topology?
    Start discovering your LAN and creating network diagrams with our program easily as 1-2-3!
  • Would you like to draw a network diagram but you do not know how to work with MS Visio and other complicated products?
    Try our program for free and see how fast and easily you can draw LAN diagrams and discover network topology in the automatic mode using the SNMP protocol.
  • Would you like to inspect and discover networks at your customer's sites and save network diagrams for future analyzing?
    Scan your prospect's networks using a laptop with our network diagrammer program installed, build network diagrams, save or print them, and decide how to deploy your devices better into the existing prospect's network topology.



10-Strike Network Diagram was awarded by PC Magazine/RE in the <BestSoft 2010> contest

  • Discover and map local-area network topology
  • Draw LAN diagrams and for documentation
  • Export network diagrams to MS Visio
  • Document your global or local network layout
  • Discover switch port names network devices connected to via SNMP


10-Strike Network Diagram was awarded by PC Magazine/RE in the "BestSoft 2010" contest!

Operating systems supported: Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8



Scanning and discovering network topology via SNMP and creating network diagrams:

How to create a network diagram. Click to open a fullsize image.

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info What else? If you want to monitor hosts on your network diagram, try our network topology discovery and host monitoring program:

network diagrammer, mapper, and monitor 10-Strike LANState Pro
LANState Pro is a network mapping, monitoring, and administration software for Windows networks. In addition to almost the same network diagrammer features as 10-Strike Network Diagram has, LANState Pro contains a network device status monitor that allows you to see the state of network devices on a graphic network diagram in a real time and to receive notifications when your network devices go down or recover. Respond to failures promptly and minimize expenses.

10-Strike Network Diagram has the same vector graphics engine, but it cannot monitor state of your network devices as 10-Strike LANState Pro can. This is the main difference between these two network mapping programs while the network topology discovery and drawing engine is the same.

We recommend you to try both programs and see which program suits your needs better.