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Creating Network Diagrams & Maps Quickly and Easily

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Dec. 9, 2008 - 10-Strike Software today announces the release of 10-Strike Network Diagram, a powerful network mapping tool. The software enables the creation of a visual local-area network diagram and exporting it to Microsoft Visio.

Designed to make life easier for network administrators and IT specialists, 10-Strike Network Diagram is a perfect solution for building comprehensive diagrams, essential for documenting a network. The software scans a network by the IP address range and automatically generates a graphical network diagram. Devices detected while scanning (including computers, routers, and printers) are represented by intuitive icons. If the routers support the SNMP protocol, 10-Strike Network Diagram also draws connections between the devices. After the diagram has been created, it can be edited, exported to Microsoft Visio, saved as a vector or raster image, or printed.

10-Strike Network Diagram allows drawing network diagrams semi-automatically, saving time and effort. The program polls network devices and generates the diagram of the network. The software supports pinging over ICMP, scanning specified TCP ports, and attempting to convert IP address to MAC (ARP). In addition, network diagrams can be created manually. An intuitive user interface allows drawing a diagram within a few minutes, and the built-in full-featured graphic editor and special object libraries ensure a professional looking result. The program can also be used for creating a network diagram to design a computer network before implementing it.

The software enables drawing a detailed network diagram that shows the way the network equipment is logically and physically connected and arranged. The diagrams can be shared or used for a presentation, enhancing business communication.

Pricing and Availability

10-Strike Network Diagram is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 and costs 149.95 USD for a standard license. Additional information on 10-Strike Network Diagram, as well as a free 30-days trial version, is available from


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