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Press Release: 10-Strike SearchMyDiscs, June, 2005

New disk cataloger and search engine helps PC owners find necessary CD or DVD in seconds

SearchMyDiscs is a handy software application that helps folks with large a CD and DVD collection catalog the disk collection and quickly find the disk that has a needed file, photograph, music track or movie clip. This is how the program works:

First, a person inserts every CD or DVD that needs to be indexed into PC. The program will automatically scan the disk, cataloging its contents. In addition to that, the program will store the file structure of the disk, thumbnail images and EXIF tags for photographs, MP3 ID3 tags for MP3 tracks, file properties (avi, exe, dll, jpg, gif, bmp, png, tiff, psd, tga, pcx, and other files). It’s also possible and advisable to create short descriptions for certain contents of the disk. Plus, the program offers an option to create a file tree that contains files and folders stored on different disks.

After the first step is completed, the program is ready to be used. Next time the need arises to find that track or photograph, a person simply enters the name of the file or other search parameter, like the name of song, performer or album, and SearchMyDiscs will show exactly what CD or DVD contains the desired data. No more trying to discern scribbles on the back cover, inserting and ejecting disks or endless browsing. Reports, for instance "My MP3 Collection" (text or HTML) can be built on demand.

SearchMyDiscs also offers several handy cataloging features especially helpful to the owners of very large disk collections. For instance, it’s possible to organize CDs and DVDs into special groups (i.e. images, music, data) and one disk may belong to multiple groups. Second, SearchMyDiscs will store information on hundreds of disks without hogging all that disk space or system resources. A few megabytes will do. Finally, there is the "Borrowed Disk" feature that makes it possible to distinguish between the disks that are loaned out and the ones currently on the shelves. Plus, the program can search through zip, rar, arj, cab, sfx archives to find a file.

SearchMyDiscs is available at for free 30-day trial version download. The cost of registering the program is 30 US Dollars.


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