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Press Release: 10-Strike FTPrint, November, 2001

Print texts faster with 10-Strike FTPrint (Fast Text Print)


November, 2001

For Immediate Release

10-Strike Software announces 10-Strike FTPrint version 3.42, a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 program that allows you to print text files using printer's text mode (raw mode). For dot-matrix and ink-jet printers, text mode printing is faster than graphics (Windows uses such a mode) and more economical.

If you've got dot-matrix or ink-jet printer and your text doesn't contain complex formatting (source codes, documentation, logs, books, etc) you can save time and money using 10-Strike FTPrint.

You can adjust the font characteristics, lines per page, header/footer information, and even set margins. FTPrint has the basic editing features of Notepad, including find/replace, and clipboard support. You can automate printing operations through the command line. The help file contains instructions on how to setup your printer.