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10-Strike MP3-Scanner, August, 2002

Quickly Search your LAN for Music MP3 Files

10-Strike Software has released MP3-Scanner v. 1.2, a Windows music search engine that is optimized to perform rapid searches of your LAN for MP3 music files, create playlists, and let you enjoy your music effortlessly.

MP3-Scanner can quickly find music files (MP3, MP2 and WMA) anywhere on your network. It flags which files are new and which have been deleted. It's easy to choose the songs that you would like to hear, and play them immediately. You can also build and save a playlist of favorite songs, or download the music to your local hard drive. The lists can also be exported as text or HTML files.

The program supports the Windows Media Player, or any third-party media player that uses standard .m3u playlists.

The latest release of MP3-Scanner includes the use of masks to fine-tune LAN searches for music files, allowing you to search by artist name or keyword. The new computer and resource filters increase the speed of searches by not searching machines or drives that you know don't contain music files.

Regardless of how many computers and drives you have on your network, MP3-Scanner will quickly search for music files, and produce an up-to-date inventory of your collection.

MP3-Scanner runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $20(US) for a single user license, and can be purchased securely online from You can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial version of MP3-Scanner:


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