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Connection monitoring

With the Connection monitoring software, you can

  • view a list of connected users and their computers
  • watch opened files and folders
  • record this useful data to a log file
  • be notified on connections in real-time (via e-mail, sound, screen message, etc.)
  • be notified on file creation or deletion in specified folders
  • be notified when someone downloads a huge amount of data or opens many files.

The main window (Fig. 1) displays information on active connections and includes information on

  • user name, who accessed your share
  • computer name (and IP address), which accessed your share
  • connection time
  • number of opened shares
  • share path
  • access type

The lists are updated automatically, with the period configured in the program settings.

share connection monitor

Fig. 1. The main window (10-Strike Connection Monitor).


Notifications on new connections

When a new connection occurs, you will be notified with a sound, tray hint, and message window in the upper right corner of the screen. You can configure notification types, sound file, and number of seconds for displaying notification message in the monitoring settings window.


Notification alerts

You can configure alerts and get notifications when the specified user connects to your folders (or the specified computer, or IP address). The program can notify you by several methods.

Learn more here: Connection alerts and notifications


Log files

Connection log (see the file Connect.log in the program's folder) is maintained if the options Monitor connections constantly is selected in the program's monitoring settings and Maintain connections log is selected in the log settings. All connections to your network shares will be recorded in the log file, which you can view by clicking the Log button on the main window.

Learn more here: Viewing log file


Managing access to shares

You can manage network access to your shares using the following functions:

  • Disconnect users manually using the context menu (the items "Disconnect", "Close share", "Close all").
  • Disconnect users automatically using the "Black List".
  • Disable or enable access to all shares using the program context menu in the Windows tray (the items "Close access", "Open access"). When you disable network access the server service (Lanmanserver) is stopped and no one can access your shares. When you enable network access the server service is started again.