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10-Strike Connection Monitor Version History

Version 5.7
- Added the ability to disable some events on the lower pane field "Actions with files and events".
- Added the ability to display opened shares by for the selected user in the top list.
- Fixed sorting by numeric fields in lists.
- Fixed detecting users who deleted files in network folders at the UNC path (\\server\folder).
- Fixed problem with window sizes when zoomed in.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 5.6
- Added the ability to load log files for viewing in our log viewer.
- Increased the maximum reading depth of the audit event log.
- Fixed opening of a new log file after date change if the day splitting was enabled.

Version 5.5
- Added the automatic folder auditing configuration (in Windows 7 and higher).
- Improved the mechanism for obtaining the name of the user who deleted or created a file.
- It became easier to enable monitoring of the file deletion and creation in a folder. We added a button for quick settings on the main window.
- Added the process detection to the file removal auditing mechanism. Now you can find out the process, which deleted or created a file in the monitored folder.
- Added recording the sizes of files that a user has opened, modified, or created to the log file.
- Added the data filtering by the selected record in the log.
- Updated the visual appearance of the program.
- Fixed found bugs.

Version 5.4
- Improved the mechanism for obtaining the name of the user who deleted or created a file.
- Added the "Log audit reading depth for each file" parameter in the program settings (to detect the username).
- Fixed a bug with checking a file by mask if it is stored in a subfolder.
- Fixed a bug with recording international file names to the log.

Version 5.3
- Pro: Fixed the double notification error in the single folder monitoring.
- Added ability of collecting alerts and sending a common notification message (displaying on the screen, sending as email, or running applications) in the single folder monitoring function.
- Fixed found bugs.

Version 5.2
- Improved the filter operation in the log.
- Fixed the Unicode character problem in the log.
- Fixed the automatic font scaling when the system scaling is enabled.
- Fixed other found bugs.

Version 5.1
- Added ability to split and cut the file access log by days. The program can create a new access log every day and name it according to the date.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 5.0
- Combined two logs (the connection and alert logs) into one "File and folder access log".
- Added the file changing event (when files are edited and saved) to the monitoring alert.

Version 4.9
- Added ability to detect users who deleted or created a file in a folder. You will need to enable the share access audit for this and the program will help you with this.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 4.8
- Added ability to send delayed alert emails. The program groups alert notifications for a specified time interval and sends all the notifications them in one message for the interval (or once a day).
- Added ability to send emails through a proxy server.
- Fixed saving the list sorting mode.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 4.7
- Improved design of the program windows.
- Divided the file creation/deletion event to two independent events. Now you can monitor only file deletion, file renaming, or file creation.
- Added the file size information to notifications generated on this file change (creation, renaming, etc.)
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 4.6
- Added ability to select the program log's records for a time period.
- Added ability to configure the alert email text format using substitution keys. Please check the Alert section of the program settings.
- Moved the program automatic startup to the Windows Scheduler service. This fixes the startup problem connected with the user logon.
- Added disabling SSL for sending email alerts from the program. This can be useful when the Exchange server is used for sending outgoing emails.

Version 4.5
- Optimized the monitoring process. Increased the program performance. Reduced the CPU load when there are a lot of incoming user connections occur at once.
- Added settings for improving the program performance. You can now disable some resource-consuming features (like displaying the "Current events" panel).
- Fixed the applying the black list settings bug in the Pro version.

Version 4.4
- Added a filter for disabling recording to a log when certain remote users connect from certain computers to a certain folder. This helps to reduce the log file size and allows analyzing the critical information easier.
- Added the ability to create the "black/while" lists for connecting MAC addresses.
- Added alerting when a user from the "black" list connects or connecting user is not from the "white" list.
- Added the Unicode support (for cases when the default system language is changed).
- Fixed found bugs.

Version 4.3
- Fixed the email sending procedure (the empty body bug).

Version 4.2
- Added the file filter to the share access monitoring. You can define file masks so access to files corresponding to the masks should not be logged or alerted. Now you can filter out access to some temporary files, the printer spooler files, etc.
- Added ability to monitor only the file access. The folder opening will be ignored when this option is enabled in the program settings.
- Added sorting to the "Current events" list.
- Added the white list function. It allows you to block all other users from downloading large files (using the "Black list" feature) from your shares and remain the normal access for the white list users.

Version 4.1
- Pro: Added ability to install the program remotely on computers using the .msi installation package and Group Policy.
- Added ability to quickly disable or enable access to admin shares (C$, D$, Admin$, etc.) without restarting your PC.
- Added the TLS/SSL support for sending email notifications securely.
- Added ability to send email notifications to multiple addresses (use semicolons ";" for diving addresses in the "E-mail Address" field).
- Added saving the search query history in the log displaying window.

Version 4.0
- Added the ignore filter to the file deletion/creation monitoring feature. You can define file masks for ignoring some files or for monitoring some exact file names. For example, you want to monitor malware file creation on your file server's shares. Office products can create temporary files when users open documents on the server. If all the temporary files are recorded to the log, it will be quite hard to analyze it and find something. The "ignore" or "monitor only" filter can help you in such case.
- Improved the program's performance.
- Fixed some found bugs.

Version 3.1
- Added an option for disabling detection computers' IP addresses by their DNS or WINS names. This procedure can slow down the program's operation in some cases and can be disabled now.
- Fixed some bugs.

Version 3.0
- Added new ability to monitor the number of files opened by a user and alert when the limit is reached. The program can also monitor the total file size of files opened by a user. When some user copies a lot of data, the program will notify you about that. Use the "Monitor file deletion and access to specific folders" feature for this.
- Improved the share access audit performance. Now you can configure the refresh time in milliseconds. This helps detecting more file access events (especially when small files are opened). The minimum possible refresh interval value is 10 ms. Please remember that when you set a very short refresh interval and there are a lot of incoming user connections, the program can generate a great load on CPU.
- Improved the program's performance.
- Improved the share access and alert logs viewing. Now they are displayed as a table with configured columns.
- Added ability to export the access and alert logs to Excel (CSV).
- Fixed some bugs and errors.

Version 2.21
- Fixed displaying the name of renamed file in the file creation/deletion monitoring.

Version 2.2
- Fixed operating under Windows Vista/7 UAC enabled due to the lack of priveledges. Now the program displays a message saying it should be run with admin rights.
- The program is now fully functional during the 30-day trial period. The one-hour limitation is removed.

Version 2.1
- Added checking the program for updates on our web site.
- Fixed error with sending e-mail alerts.
- Pro: Fixed error with recording IP and MAC addresses in the log file.

Version 2.0
- Changed the program's main window design. Added a pane for displaying the latest share access events.
- Fixed displaying a wrong icon in the system tray on the program startup. Sometimes, the program showed the "share access disabled" icon while the access was enabled.
- Fixed some other small bugs and errors.

Version 1.6
- Upon user requests, we developed a service application that monitors access to shared folders in addition to the regular GUI program. We added this service to the Professional Edition of our program and released 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro. The monitoring service provides almost the same functionality as the standard GUI program 10-Strike Connection Monitor. It records access logs, rises alerts, and notifies an administrator via e-mail, sound, and screen messages. When you logon to the system, a regular tray program starts. With its help, you can configure the monitoring service (the "NT Service" section of the program settings) and view access logs.
- Added a mechanism for monitoring the creation and removal of files in a specified folder. Unlike the access monitoring mechanism, it cannot determine the user performed the operation. However, by analyzing the alert and connection logs, you can figure out which user connected to the folder at the time the file was removed.
- Added disconnecting all users with the number of shares being used equal to 0 after the specified time span. That can be critical when the number of such "dead" connections reaches the maximum, and new users can no longer connect to the share. In this case, you can take advantage of the application?s capability to disconnect idle sessions.
- Added specifying a sender's IP address and computer name in e-mail notifications.

Version 1.5
- Added disconnection of users after their inactivity. This helps other users to connect to the share.
- Added placing sender's IP and computer addresses in e-mail notifications.

Version 1.4
- Added an alert for monitoring connections of computers with specified MAC addresses.
- Added new actions which can be run on alerts: disconnecting a user and adding the user to the black list.
- Added recoring MAC addresses of connected users to the log file.
- Added exporting log records to the CSV file format.
- Added the F5 hotkey for refreshing the log window's content.

Version 1.3
- The first English version.


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