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10-Strike FTPrint FAQ: how to print texts faster

Q: Which operating systems are supported? Does the program support Windows 7?

A: The program officially supports Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000. FTPrint sends data to the local parallel port. This mechanism may not work in Windows XP and newer Windows versions. You can try using the compatibility settings to run the program in modern OS versions. Our users have an experience of running FTPrint under Windows XP.


Q: When I open my text file it does not display properly; some strange symbols appear.

A: Try to change the text mode to DOS or Windows. You can change modes by pressing the "Change mode" button or from the menu (or press F8).


Q: I tryed to change the Win/DOS mode but it did not help.

A: Possibly your file's charset differs from both DOS and Windows. If it does not, try to change the editor's font or the font's charset. These options are available from the menu. See the help file for more details.


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