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Page and Printer Setup

Page setup

- Lines per page: Select number of lines. Printer will print them and stop for changing piece of paper. See: Setup "Lines per page" parameterIDH_3210.

- Left indent: Printer will make entered number of spaces before printing each line.

- Upper indent: Printer will feed entered number of lines before printing text.


- Normal/Quality mode: Normal mode has worse quality, but faster than quality mode.

Font size

- Elite: Gaps between symbols are 5/6 of normal.

- Condensed: Symbols has 60% width of normal.

- Double width: All symbols are twice wider.

- Double height: All symbols are twice higher.

- Proportional: Symbols have different width.

Font options

- Bold: All symbols are printed twice with some displacement.

- Double-strike: All symbols are printed twice.

- Upper index: Symbols are small and printed in the upper half of line.

- Lower index: Symbols are small and printed in the lower half of line.

- Underline: Underlined symbols.

- Italic: Italic symbols.

Printer setup

- Printer: Select printer.

- Feeding: If it is manual you will be prompted to insert paper before printing of each page.

- Enable Epson-FX commands: Enabling some additional options and fonts (Proportional font, quality font selecting, setting gap between symbols).

- Ignore paper end: If you want to print a few lines more per page.

- Beep: Your printer will beep after each page printed.

NOTE: Not all printers support all features accessible from "Page & printer setup" dialog. Epson-FX and compatible printers support all features. The most of the other printers don't support proportional mode and quality font selecting (Epson-FX has two fonts). Many printers don't support double height and canvas mode.