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Junk Mail Remover Online Help

How to order

10-Strike Junk Mail Remover is released as shareware.
You may use this program for 30 days free as a trial. After that time you are expected to either order a license for this program, or remove it from your computer.

The unregistered version of 10-Strike Junk Mail Remover has some limitations.
Once you have purchased the product by filling in the online order form, a license key will be sent to you via e-mail to unlock the software for use.
Your key will be valid for all future versions of purchased software. You will never be charged for upgrades (even if the price is raised)!

The price is $19.95 U.S. per copy.

As a registered user you will receive:
- No time and functional limitations
- One year of free upgrades and support
- Information on upgrades and fixes

How to order a license:

* You may order 10-Strike Junk Mail Remover online (the fastest way) using your credit card. To do this go to the following URL:
All orders are processed by the leading e-commerce provider RegNow in the USA, the service of Digital River Inc. They process transactions in US/Australian/Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, etc.

* You may order 10-Strike Junk Mail Remover offline too. Check, money order, wire transfer, or credit card orders are accepted. See the "ORDER.TXT" file in your 10-Strike Junk Mail Remover folder for details.

* For the latest registration options, visit the web site at:

* After making order you will receive a registration code via e-mail.