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10-Strike MP3-Scanner FAQ

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Q: I get 'No network neighbourhood' window. How can I search?

A: Please check if there are any domains or computers in your "Network Neighbourhood" window
(Click the shortcut on your desktop).
If there are no computers or domains please check your network settings or ask your system administrator about it. NetBIOS protocol must be enabled in your firewall.


Q: 10-Strike MP3-Scanner is not faster than other LAN scanning programs on my LAN. Why? And how can I speed up the search?

A: Our program is designed for more than file searching. It is an MP3 searching tool. If the 'Scan ID3 tags' option is enabled, the program reads the headers of all MP3 files. Obviously, this feature slows the whole search. Additionally if your file list (previously found files) is not empty when you start new scan, the program will check whether each new file found is already in the file list. This could also cause the search to take more time. So, there are two things that can help you perform the fastest scan:
1) Turn off the 'Scan ID3 tags' feature ('Options' window).
2) Clear the file list before scanning. You may do this manually or turn on 'Clear list before searching' feature ('Options' window).
Doing both of these things will allow you to achieve the fastest scan possible.


Q: How can I search another types of files (not just music)?

A: Please download our program 10-Strike Network File Search. It searches arbitrary types of files, supports hidden shares, has the preview feature, can filter found files by size and date, etc.