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10-Strike MP3-Scanner Online Help

Functions (menu and toolbar description)

Main menu:

Open playlist and play... - Does the same as the next feature but runs player immediately after loading.
Open playlist... - Loads previously saved playlist over the current list and selects loaded files.
Reopen - Opens one of the recently opened playlists.
Save selected to playlist - Saves selected files to playlist. You can load this playlist into your favorite player later.
Save selected to playlist as... - Does the same but you will be asked for new filename and destination folder.
Copy selected files to directory... - Downloads selected files to your PC (you will be asked for destination folder).
Export - Exports playlist to TXT or HTML file.
Exit - Exits from the program.

Search progress - Shows or hides the search progress pane.

Play selected files - Runs your installed player with the list of selected songs.
Clear - Clears the list.
Select all - Selects all files on the list.
Invert selection - Inverts selection.
Delete from list - Deletes selected files from the list.
Remove all inaccessible files - Removes files marked as unavailable from the list. These files were found once, but during the last search they were unavailable (file was not available or the resource was closed).
Find item... - Searches for specific text and selects first occurrence in the list (or all the occurrences). You may use masks (words with symbols * and ?).
Find next - Searches next occurrence (if you hold Shift while pressing F3 next found occurrence will be added to the current selection).
Show first selected item - Shows first selected file (use it if the selection is out of screen).

Search - Starts scanning your LAN for music.
Stop - Stops the scanning process.
Options... - Brings up the Settings window.

Contents - Opens help file.
FAQ and tips - Shows Frequently Asked Questions (may help you solve problems and contains some tips on using the program).
How to register - Shows instructions how you can pay for the program.
Enter registration code... - Brings up a window where you can enter the registration code (you will receive it after purchasing the program). If the code is correct, you will be able to use the program without limitations.
About... - Brings up About box.

Context menu:

Right-click on the list to bring up the context menu. It contains some functions from the main menu. Use context menu to speed up the most common operations.

Toolbar buttons:

Toolbar buttons: search, stop, play, open, save, delete, clear, find, options

Search - Starts scanning your LAN for music (the menu Scan -> Search)
Stop - Stops the scanning process (the menu Scan -> Stop)
Play - Plays selected files with your player (the menu Playlist -> Play selected files)
Open - Selects files from saved playlist (the menu File -> Open playlist...)
Save - Saves selected files to playlist (the menu File -> Save selected to playlist)
Delete - Deletes selected files from the list (the menu Playlist -> Delete Selected Items)
Clear - Clears the list (the menu Playlist -> Clear)
Find - Searches for specific text (the menu Playlist -> Find item...)
Options - Change options and computer/resource filters (the menu Scan -> Options...)

Other useful information (tips!):

1) You can play single files by double-ckicking needed item in the list.
2) You can soft the list by certain column by clicking on column's header.
3) Use context menu to speed up your work.
4) Use hotkeys to speed up your work. For example, to play selected files press Ctrl-P.

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