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Scan Network Inventory

network inventory screenshots

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer automates the device and software discovery, letting the administrator to scan computers over the network and see all network assets on a screen in just a click. The collected information is loaded to a central database repository and can be viewed at any time, even if the administrator's computer is not connected to the network. At any moment, it's possible to see a clear representation of the hardware and software configuration of the network computers, track and watch changes in the computer configuration and respond to them proactively.

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer remotely finds out which processors are running in network computers, how much memory is installed, who uses flash drives, etc. A system administrator can get information on installed software including information on operating system, hotfixes, and programs included in the startup.

The program is installed on administrator's computer only and uses WMI technology for scanning the computer hardware and software installed on remote computers. It does not require any additional components on network computers. The program supports other methods of gathering data if WMI cannot be used for some reason. You can import the information on hardware from offline computers into one general inventory database.