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File Existence Monitoring, Text String Existence Monitoring

The program allows you to monitor the file existence over a network.

This test consists in checking the existence of the specified file on a remote or local computer. In the case of the remote monitoring, the check requires the accessibility of the file over the network.

This check can be used if you need to immediately respond to the occurrence of some file in a shared folder (for example, an important document).

Besides the mere file existence check, the application can monitor the availability of a specified string in the file. That can be helpful when monitoring other applications' event log files. Knowing a certain value that can be added by an application to a log file (for example, an error message “error…” ), you can promptly respond to that event and take appropriate actions.

If no search string value is set, the program will only attempt to open the file for reading. The check can return several results indicating the absence of presence of the sought file, finding or absence of the specified string, inability or ability to open the file. Instead of specifying the full file name, you can specify its mask using the standard "*" character (for example, “Writ*.doc” ).

The program allows authenticating for accessing password-protected shared folders.

See also: Folder Existence Monitoring, File Size Monitoring, Process Existence Monitoring


Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8.1/2012/10 supported.