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Hardware Inventory

network inventory software

Inventory network computers' hardware with 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer!

Create the inventory database with the hardware installed on remote computers: CPU, memory size, hard drives, partitions, CD/DVD drives, videocards, USB flash drives, etc.

The program is installed on administrator's computer only and uses WMI technology for scanning the hardware and software on remote computers. It does not require any additional components on network computers.

You can view hardware configuration on network computers remotely, track the configuration changes, and generate various reports.


hardware inventory


The program gathers the following data on network computers' hardware:

  • processor
  • mainboard
  • RAM
  • hard drives (HDD)
  • CD/DVD drives
  • USB flash drives
  • video adapter
  • network adapter
  • slots
  • printers
  • BIOS
  • mouse
  • keyboard, etc.

program for hardware computer inventory over network


10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer contains a powerful report generator which allows you to create hardware reports in various file formats for single computers or for a group of computers. With its help, you can:

  • Create reports on the availability of a particular hardware installed on network computers.
    availability of particular hardware
  • Create reports on the installed hardware: installed CPUs, motherboards, HDD, RAM, etc.

  • hardware data

    hardware report

    The program audits the hardware changes and writes them to the inventory log.

    tracking hardware



    Video on Hardware Tracking

    We have create a short video (2 minutes) about tracking hardware changes for you. It explains how you can scan hardware and track its changes using our program.

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