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10-Strike Network Monitor: Minimize Downtime and Fix Outages Before Anyone Notices

10-Strike Software has released 10-Strike Network Monitor 1.0, a comprehensive solution for maximizing network uptime and streamlining troubleshooting. The program is designed to monitor the performance and availability of Windows servers and network devices, and notifies the administrator of any network problems that occur.


10-Strike Network Monitor is designed to enable the administrator to fix various network problems before they get out of control. The full-featured program offers flexible options for setting up monitoring of critical services. It also allows the administrator to set up actions for repairing the problems automatically. In case of a failure 10-Strike Network Monitor instantaneously alerts the administrator by e-mail, screen message or audio signal, writes a log file, and automatically takes the preconfigured actions, such as starting programs, running scripts, restarting services and rebooting or shutting down the machine.


One of the advantages of 10-Strike Network Monitor is that the monitoring module runs on the background as a service and does not require starting any programs. The software offers support for a wide range of checks, including ping (ICMP), monitoring web page content for changes, checking available disk space, file existence and size, monitoring FTP and HTTP servers, and many other network monitoring checks.


The reliable tool, 10-Strike Network Monitor allows you to troubleshoot the network as quickly as possible!


10-Strike Network Monitor 1.0 runs under Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7.


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