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Keep Track of Your Network Inventory!

10-Strike Software has announced 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 3.0, a powerful tool to maintain the inventory database of network computers. The program provides Microsoft Windows network administrators with an effective solution to facilitate and streamline hardware and software network inventory management.

network computer inventory tool10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer is designed to audit hardware and software assets over the network and provide you with detailed and accurate reports. The program is designed to allow users to find network computers, add them to the inventory database, and track all the changes in the configuration. The flexibility of the program allows using an agent-free solution employing the WMI technology (Windows Management Instrumentation), agent-based solution and client application to audit targeted machines.

The information collected by the program after the first audit is logged so that an administrator could track the history of changes. This log includes information on installed and uninstalled software, connected and removed devices (even USB flash drives), and changes in the system configuration. This feature is essential to reveal and prevent potential operating system problems and track the available disk space, thus maximizing productivity. Moreover, it can also be used to expose unscrupulous employees and keep in check those who have installed pirated software.

With 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer, a system administrator can plan upgrades more accurately, and significantly decrease upgrade costs. The program enables you to decide what to buy without wasting time and effort on checking everything manually.

Enhance your network management efficiency with Network Inventory Explorer 3.0!


Pricing and Availability

10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 3.0 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 and Windows 98/NT supporting WMI. A single license for 50-computers costs $199.95 (US). Registered users are entitled to free upgrades and priority e-mail support.


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