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10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor Version History


What's new:

* 4.2 * June 2023
- Added the ability to apply a filter by addresses and protocols in the "Volume by IP addresses" statistics table.
- Added the information about the total volume of traffic in the report "Volume by IP-addresses".
- The program is optimized to run on Linux via wine.
- Updated the database of manufacturers of network adapters.
- Fixed error when receiving a tabular data via SNMP from the MikroTik routers.
- Fixed a bug in calculating the amount of traffic and date periods.


* 4.1 * May 2021
- Added the new "Task Scheduler" function, which allows you to save and send reports by e-mail on a schedule.
- Added columns with the start and end time of the session in the "Traffic volume by IP-addresses" report.
- Accelerated the report generation and chart drawing based on the accumulated statistics.
- Improved the Watchdog internal monitoring service.
- Improved the report exporting to the CSV format.
- Fixed found bugs.


* 4.0 * December 2020
- Added the data saving for the Agent service for cases when it is not polled by the main program for a long time. When the bandwidth monitoring service is not active, the Agent saves the traffic data to the disk locally. When the monitoring service connects to the agent for the first time after that, it transfers all the statistics accumulated earlier.
- Added the traffic chart drawing for the last hour for the selected port. Now you can select a port number from the list of protocols.
- Added automatic enlargement of fonts and windows when the system scaling is enabled.
- Simplified the process of installing the SNMP service on the computer with the program.
- Updated the SSL and SSH libraries.
- The problem of violation of internal indexing of network interfaces has been resolved. Indexes in the program are automatically rebuilt when the serial number of the interface changes in the system.
- Fixed the traffic counting error when working with 64-bit SNMP counters.
- Fixed other minor bugs.


* 3.9 * March 2020
- Added a dedicated service for the program monitoring (the watchdog) which will improve the program stability and provide the flawless operation in case of critical errors.
- Added a new setting "Wait till the check finishing on the service stop". If you disable this setting, this can speed up the monitoring service restarting.
- Added the "Port / Protocol" column to the statistics table "Volume by IP addresses".
- Fixed the host loading and saving (a common file format is now used).
- Fixed found bugs.


* 3.8 * March 2019
- Added ability to exclude the multicast packets from the traffic counting.
- Fixed sending the agent settings from the console.
- Fixed error in the traffic volume counting.
- Fixed the report division into days.
- Fixed the DNS cache updating.


* 3.7 * December 2017
- Added ability to manually specify the maximum for the bandwidth scale on the chart.
- Added ability to import hosts from a text file to the monitoring list.
- Added ability to export the host list to a CSV file.
- Added ability to send email notifications through a proxy server.
- Fixed found bugs.


* 3.6 * March 2017
- Improved the design of the program windows.
- Added ability to disable SSL for sending email alerts.
- Fixed found bugs.


* 3.5 * July 2016
- Changed the main window design. We tried to simplify the program interface. The bandwidth and traffic charts are now displayed on one screen.
- Added the summary report with top 5 traffic consumers and visited sites.
- Added a simplified mode for the program operation for cases when you only need to monitor your PC's traffic. In this mode, only one sensor is monitored (your main network adapter). You can select the operating mode on the program's first start or change later in the program settings.
- Fixed found bugs.
- We have made the 10-sensor license free! The license key is provided upon request.


* 3.4 * April 2016
- Improved the IP address filtering algorithm in the "Do not count local traffic" function.
- Added the automatic COM port detection for sending SMS using a connected modem.
- Fixed a bug in the SMS sending procedure.


* 3.3 * January 2016
- Added ability to select all hosts in the tree for group operations.
- Added ability to continue the host searching starting from the current position in the tree.
- Fixed found bugs.


* 3.2 * March 2015
- Added support of all security levels for the SNMPv3 protocol: authentication (MD5, SHA) and encoding (DES, TripleDES, AES).
- Optimized the program operation with the traffic statistics. Improved the program's loading speed, decreased the memory usage.
- Added the "SMS center" parameter to the SMS settings.
- Added ability to disable the main window themes and hide the toolbar.
- Changed the default email encoding to UTF-8 for messages sent via SSL/TLS.


* 3.1 * December 2014
- Added ability to clear stats for a separate sensor (group of sensors).
- Added ability to sort the tree by the interface index.
- Optimized operation of some functions.
- Fixed found bugs.


* 3.0 * October 2014
- Improved the program's performance for operating with the bandwidth sensor and host database. The group operations work much faster now.
- Improved the SNMP sensor performance. To use this advantage you need to disable the "Use SNMP WinAPI" option (in the program settings) which was enabled by default in older versions.
- Added ability to load and watch the archived stats (Settings - Statistics - Load archived statistics...). The program will automatically unpack the previously created zip archives and load the statistics files for displaying.
- Added ability to configure the SNMP port number in the sensor settings (161 by default).
- Improved the remote agent's operation.
- Changed the main window design.
- Improved the SMS sending function when using a GSM/3G modem. A long message is now split in several shorter messages but received entirely. Improved the error diagnostics.


* 2.7 * December 2013
- Added ability to generate alerts when the network traffic consumption quickly grows or drops. You can define the per cent of changes between two consistent values for raising alerts.
- Added displaying the network interface capacity indicator.
- Added support for the AdminStatus and OperStatus flags in the SNMP sensors.
- Added sending alert messages to Syslog.
- Added ability to break reports with diagrams on pages by days.
- Added the search function (searching by a part of IP address, name, etc.) for the host list.
- Added the SNMP v2c support to the Network Scanning Wizard.
- Added a setting for enabling or disabling hiding the program to tray when the window is closed.
- Fixed the managing console hanging when switching tabs of the information panel (when large amount of data is loaded).


* 2.6 * September 2013
- Added the SNMP v2 protocol support in the SNMP traffic sensors.
- Added ability to select time when creating traffic diagrams and statistics tables (in addition to dates).
- Added ability to edit multiple hosts at a time.
- Optimized the monitoring service's operation with gathered statistics.
- Added ability to quickly disable all sensors for a host in its context menu ("Hosts | Disable/enable all sensors").
- Added moving several hosts from folder to folder.


* 2.5 * February 2013
- Optimized the multithreading monitoring engine.
- Optimized the program operation with a large number of SNMP monitoring checks.
- Optimized the monitoring service's operation with gathered statistics.
- Changed the login/password delimiter to "::" for SNMPv3.
- Fixed the program window positioning on the multi-monitor configurations.


* 2.4 * November 2012
- Added the IPv6 support. You can use IPv6 addresses as host addresses.
- Improved the program's stability during the prolonged bandwidth monitoring.


* 2.3 * August 2012
- Added ability to install and update the Agent service remotely on your network computers.
- Added searching for active Agents on computers in the Scanning Wizard when you are finding and creating hosts and traffic sensors.
- Added ability to create traffic sensors automatically during the network scanning and host searching process. The program tries to find SNMP agents and WMI on hosts, and creates the according sensors.
- Added the automatic Agent service recovery after a failure.
- Now, the program hides to the system tray when you click the close icon on its window.
- Fixed some bugs.


* 2.2 * January 2012
- Added ability of using masks in IP addresses for ignoring traffic on local networks when using the "Sniffing packets" sensor type (for example, 192.*.*.*).
- Added sending SMS messages directly via a connected GSM phone.
- Added TLS/SSL support for sending email notifications via the SMTP protocol.
- Added ability to select measurement units for displaying traffic and bandwidth on charts and reports.
- Added ability to send SMS messages to several recipients. Use semicolons ";" to divide the recipients.
- Added the column sorting, hiding, and renaming functions.
- Added tracing route to a certain host (the tracert procedure).


* 2.1 * June 2011
- Added ability to watch IP addresses participating in the network traffic generation. This function allows you to see from what sites and how many bytes were downloaded.
- Added a new diagram type "Traffic volume for period" which allows you to see the traffic consumption for any month, day, and hour.
- Added ability to generate and print various reports based on the existing tables and diagrams.
- Added the SNMP v3 support.
- Added exporting statistics to .CSV files which can be imported to a database or Excel.
- Added ability to define passwords and IP addresses (a filter) for accessing agents.
- Added ability to sort hosts in the main host tree.
- Added ability to change the columns order in lists.


* 2.0 * December 2010
- Added a new sensor type - "Packet sniffer". This new sensor can count only external traffic cutting out local traffic. This sensor can also monitor bandwidth by different network protocols independently.
- Added settings for maintaining the statistics files. The statistics maintaining mechanism prevents the database from unlimited growth, creates backup copies of the stats files, and cleans up the database.
- Optimized the stats loading process on the program startup.
- Added ability to configure the program database folder.
- Added displaying sensor error descriptions.


* 1.1 * February 2010
- The first public version.

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