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When you open a file or create a new one, FTPrint divides text in pages. Amount of pages depends on "Lines per page" parameter at Page & printer setup dialog. There are three choices when Print.. dialog appears:

- All pages. If you select this FTPrint will print all text.

- Current page. If you select this FTPrint will print current page (where the cursor is).

- Pages: ... You can write here what pages you want to be printed (Example: if you'll write 2,4-6,9 then 2,4,5,6,9 pages will be printed).

- Don't feed paper after each page: If checked, printer won't feed your sheet of paper after the page will have been printed.

IMPORTANT: Before printing be sure that printer is ready and you've selected the right printer in Page & printer setup dialog.


When you get this message, please check the following:

- You've specified correct printer (in "Page & printer setup" dialog);

- The printer is on;

- Cables are properly connected;

- Printer is ready (on line);

- The paper is inserted.