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SNMP Settings

arrow In the SNMP section of the program settings, you can configure settings which affect the SNMP function operation.

SNMP settings

  • Use SNMP WinAPI
  • Enable this option if you are getting errors or the program is hanging while it performs the SNMP operations (getting the data from managed switches, monitoring SNMP values). This setting allows the program to use the WinAPI functions for communicating via the SNMP protocol, but these functions not always work correctly in the process of the multi-threaded background monitoring.

  • Convert SNMP trap value OIDs to names
  • SNMP trap messages sent by network devices to the program usually contain the OID codes as value names (for example, This is not comfortable for understanding the message meaning. The program can convert the digital codes to more plain value names using the MIB tree (for example,

  • Replace text in SNMP traps
  • As in the previous option, the program can replace value names to any strings which can be defined in the table below. Our example value name can be automatically replaced to "Uptime:".

  • SNMPv3 accounts
  • You can configure the SNMPv3 authorization accounts in the list located under the option.

  • Response timeout (ms)
  • You can change the response timeout for all the SNMP functions here.