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10-Strike Network File Search FAQ

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Q: The program does not search 'Network neighbourhood'. How can I search it?

A: Please check if there are any domains or computers in your "Network Neighbourhood" list (Just click the shortcut on your desktop).
If there are no computers or domains, please check your network settings or ask your system administrator to help you. NetBIOS protocol must be allowed in your firewall.


Q: The program searches too slow using IP range scanning.

A: Microsoft Windows XP SP 2 and Vista slow down IP address scanning for all running programs. You cannot scan more than 10 addresses per 10 seconds and take full advantage of a multi-threading search engine with these operating systems. You can change the "IP address scanning method" on the settings window for getting correct search results under your current OS.


Important Notes

1. For getting all the scanning features working, please enable NetBios, ICMP (ping), and TCP ports #21 and #139 for the program in your firewall.

2. You can decrease the time of searching by configuring and applying the resource, computer name, and domain filters (where not to search).