10-Strike Network File Search Version History


Version 2.3
- Fixed the date filter bug.

Version 2.2
- Pro: Fixed the web server bug occurred on large network file databases.

Version 2.1
- Added ability to create separate folders for each remote computer when downloading files from multiple PCs.
- Added ability to open folder with downloaded files.
- Fixed the trial period issue.

Version 2.0
-Added the context text search inside the DOC files. Now you can search strings in documents over your network.
-Added the folder filter in the program settings. It allows you searching files located in the specified folders and paths decreasing the search time.
Warning! When using the folder filter, please remember that a file's full path has the following format \\compname\resource\folder_1\...\foler_n\filename. If you want to search files on the C: drive only, you will need to add the C$ resource name to the resource filter and the local path to the folder filter. If you add the C$ string to the folder filter, the program will not find anything because the C$ is the resource name.

Version 1.8
- Added case-sensitive file and folder searching.

Version 1.7
- Pro: Added searching for multiple text strings (divide the strings with semocolons).
- Added importing data from the clipboard to filter lists on the program settings window.
- Fixed deleting read-only files.
- Fixed the domain, computer, and resource filters (it did not filter files correctly sometimes).

Version 1.6
- Added the context search. The program searches for an entered substring in network files and only lists the files that contain the substring.

Version 1.5
- Added exporting the list of found files to CSV and XML formats.
- Added displaying computer names instead of IP addresses in reports.
- Added computer filtering by IP addresses and network names both regardless of searching mode.
- Fixed the format of displaying search time.
- Fixed retrieving a domain list in the computer filter.

Version 1.4
- 10-Strike Network File Search Pro released. It is the most advanced version of the program, which contains a built-in web server. With its help you are able to install the software on a single computer, so users of your network are able to search files on your network using their web browsers. The Pro version also allows monitoring and deleting files on local network.
- Fixed bugs.

Version 1.3
- Added searching on FTP servers (with previewing found files).
- Added storing search results.
- Improved Windows Vista support.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.2
- Fixed program hangs and delays that occurred during searching domains and computers inside them.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 1.1
- Added searching in hidden shares.
- Added file deletion.
- Added the file preview mode.
- Added preliminary ping check. You can use this check instead of TCP port 139 check in order to speed up the searching process under Windows XP SP2. If the most of computers in your network have ICMP ping and the NetBios protocol allowed in their firewalls (or they do not have firewalls installed) you can use only the ping check.
- Added the context menu on the searching progress pane.

Version 1.0
- The first release.