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Menu Description

Open - Opens selected file from its current location.
Download... - Downloads selected files to your PC (you will be asked for the destination folder).
Open folder - Explores the folder containing the selected file.
Delete file(s) - Deletes selected files from the remote computer's folder.
Properties - Shows file's system properties.
Report - Exports search results to a TXT or HTML file.
Exit - Exits from the program.

Select all - Selects all files on the list.
Invert selection - Inverts selection.
Delete from list - Deletes selected files from the list.
Clear list - Deletes all files from the list.
Find item... - Searches for specific text in found files names and selects the first occurrence in the list (or all occurrences). You may use masks (words with symbols * and ?).
Find next - Searches and shows the next occurrence of the specified text.
Show first selected item - Shows the first selected file (use this if the selection is out of the screen).

Searching progress - Shows or hides the search progress pane.
Show toolbar - Shows or hides the toolbar.

Search - Starts searching your LAN for files (you have to enter a search phrase before clicking this item).
Stop - Stops the searching process.
Settings... - Brings up the Settings window.

Contents - Opens help file.
Getting started - Shows instructions on how to quickly start working with the program.
FAQ and tips - Shows Frequently Asked Questions (may help you solve problems and provide you with some tips on using the program).
How to register - Shows the instructions on how you can pay for the program.
Enter registration code... - Brings up a window where you can enter the registration code you have received after purchasing the program. If the code is correct, you will be able to use the program without any limitations.
About... - Shows the program name and version number.

Context menu:

Right-click on the list to bring up the context menu. It contains some functions from the main menu. Use the context menu to speed up the most common operations.

Other useful information (Tips):

1. You can open single files by double-clicking on those files.
2. You can sort the list by a certain column by clicking on the column's header.
3. Use the context menu to speed up your work.
4. Use hotkeys to speed up your work. For example, press Alt+Enter to bring up file properties. (Hotkeys are displayed on the menus)