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Over 20 New Features and Bug Fixes in version 4.0 Offer Improved Efficiency of Network Monitoring and Management

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Aug. 20, 2008 - 10-Strike Software today announces 10-Strike LANState Pro 4.0, a Windows-based network mapper and management utility that allows network administrators and engineers to make a graphic map of your network and see its state at any moment. LANState Pro monitors hosts, shared resources, traffic, alerts on specific events and allows administrators to manage remote hosts directly. This helps to reduce downtime dramatically and control the performance of every device on the network with ease.

The power of LANState Pro lies in its unique abilities to discover all network devices - routers, servers, hosts, printers and produce an easy-to-view pictorial map with node icons, connecting lines and labels, representing a network topology. By continuously scanning a network, the program detects active and inactive machines, new devices, and other changes to network configuration, which are instantly reflected in the network map. This map ensures that the network administrator sees what's happening inside the network almost in real time and can respond to critical changes or issues quickly as they occur.
LANState Pro does more than just generating a network map. It allows the user to directly manage networking computers, including starting, re-starting and shutting down remotely, as well as interrogating machines to generate detailed software and hardware asset reports. On miscellaneous events, the program can alert the administrator with a sound, on-screen message, or email, auto-run an external application or reboot a host computer. With a few mouse clicks, the network map can be exported to a graphic image, XML scheme or Microsoft Visio for further use during planning, upgrading or troubleshooting of networks.
Other key features in LANState Pro include sending messages to other networking computers, availability checks, search for devices, scanning hosts and ports, pings, and name lookup.
The product is aimed at network managers and engineers in small and medium-sized enterprises who need good visibility into their network to keep it running with minimal downtime.
"I have used LANState for a month now, and it has allowed me to fix network issues before the users realize it," said Joe Burkhart, LANState Pro user. "It keeps my VPN connections up and monitored at all times, and it allows me to monitor and access printer server and workstation resources all from one place. I have 109 network entities listed so far, and will be adding another 35 later this month. Your software has saved me hours of work being able to work from my desk instead of going to the different buildings and offices to access the resources. The ability to keep my VPN connections alive 24/7 is a blessing in itself. No more rebooting the router to get it to come back up."

Improved Efficiency in Version 4.0

LANState Pro 4.0 includes over 20 new features and bug fixes to help users monitor and control a network more efficiently. The most important features include:
1. Enhanced monitoring with dependent checks - The specified dependency checks must be successfully executed before other monitoring checks can be run. Using dependencies helps to avoid receiving a flood of alerts, when servers, which other checks depend on, are down (VPN servers, routers, etc).
2. Ability to run external applications and scripts - Now the user can run external applications, JavaScript and VisualBasic scripts to monitor performance of network devices.
3. Administrator authorization - New to version 4.0 is an ability to enter administrator credentials to access and manage remote computers (restarting, shutting down, etc.).
4. Enhanced import feature - Map objects can be imported from plain text files that contain IP addresses.
The complete overview of the new features and improvements in version 4.0 can be found on the web-site at
Available now, 10-Strike LANState Pro 4.0 starts at $249.95. A 30-day trial is available.


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