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Network Map Builder

How to build network map automatically using LANState

LANState supports the SNMP and LLDP protocols and can scan your network and automatically draw network maps with connections between network devices labeled by switch port numbers. How to build a network map using LANState:

1. SNMP should be enabled on your managed switches. The program should be allowed in the Firewall so it could work with the SNMP protocol.

2. Run the Network Map Creation Wizard in LANState.

3. Scan your network by IP address range. IP addresses of your SNMP devices should be located inside the scanned IP address range.

The Network Map Creation Wizard - Step 1


4. Select scanning methods and set its parameters. Do not forget to enable the "Searching SNMP..." option and set correct Community strings.

The Network Map Creation Wizard - Step 2


5. After the scan, program should draw a network map. If the SNMP scan is successfull, connections between devices will be drawn. Drag the devices using your mouse for a better map look.

Network map on web


The network map can be exported as an image or as a Microsoft Visio diagram. Exporting to Visio is allowed in LANState Pro only.

Export network map to Visio

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