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10-Strike LANState Pro Testimonials

1. Renato Moscardini:

"Many thanks for your excellent support. Actually it works very fine and it even finds the unmanaged switches (hub) in between; it is a wonderful tool."


2. Andrew Harris:

"I also wanted to tell you how much I like the ability of importing previous scans into a current scan. This program has been the most valuable network tool I have used yet."


3. Scott Middleton:

"Recently I downloaded a trial version of LAN State Pro. I was very impressed with the amount of control that the software could give you over a network that I am managing. I was testing a number of other mapping software at the time but none could do what LAN State pro could do."


4. Joe Burkhart:
"I have been using LANState for a month now, and it has allowed me to fix the network issues before users realize something happened. It keeps my VPN connections up and allows me to monitor and access the printer server's and workstation resources all from one place.
I have 109 network entities listed so far and will be adding another 35 later this month. Your software has saved me hours of work being able to work from my desk instead of going to different buildings and offices to access the resources. The ability to keep my VPN connections alive 24/7 is a blessing in itself. I highly recommend the software."


5. Ivan Simonov, Intel Computer Clubhouse Coordinator:

"Thank you wery much. Your LANState is the best!
Now I know exactly what happens on my network at every moment. It is very simple to manage all computers by using your program.
LANState combines a friendly interface and many necessary features for the network administration and management."


6. Alexander:

"Thank you for your LANState program! I tried a bunch of admin programs and stopped on yours. It is very cool when I can see what is going on in my network, working under a roof."


We would be thankful if you send new testimonials to us too.



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