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Real-Time Monitoring Prevents Malware Infection over Shared Folders in Windows

10-Strike Software Releases 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro 1.6


This easy way of sharing documents over a LAN often becomes a way for distributing viruses and other malicious software when shared folders are left unattended to. 10-Strike Connection Monitor eliminates the breach by keeping an eye on the activity inside shared folders and alerting the administrator of suspicious events.


On an attempt to access a shared folder, the monitor captures the user's host name, records it into the log file and alerts the resource owner. Whatever the user does while connected to the protected computer browsing folders, downloading or uploading anything to them it is registered in the log file and reported to the resource owner.


The monitor can be configured to alert the administrator when certain users attempt to access shared folders, prevent blacklisted users from accessing shared folders or launch a security application when an intruder attempts to accesses a restricted file. The new version 1.6 of Connection Monitor can also alert when users attempt to create or delete folders inside shared resources and register such attempts in the log file. While watching after shared folders, the new version can optimize the network load: If a user has been idle for longer than allowed, the monitor closes the connection and allows someone else to use this connection slot.


The Pro version of the application can run fully automatically as a service, protecting shared folders without the attendance of the owner.


The share access monitoring program runs under Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7.


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