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Getting Started

The program can search files on shared resources (via the NetBios protocol) and on FTP servers. Before searching, you should specify the computer search method and IP address ranges in the program settings.

Configuring NetBios Search

1. Please check if there are any domains or computers in your "Network Neighbourhood" window (Click the shortcut on your desktop). If there are no computers or domains, please check your network settings or ask your system administrator. NetBIOS protocol must be enabled in your firewall.

2. Click the Options button "Settings" button and adjust the program's settings. On the "Network Options" section, select how the program should search network computers:

a. Network neigbourhood scanning, or
b. IP addresses scanning (in this instance you should allow outgoing connections to TCP-port #139 for the program in your firewall, and add IP addresses or IP address ranges).

Use IP addresses scanning if your "Network Neighbourhood" window does not work properly. Click OK.

Configuring FTP Search

Click the Options button "Settings" button. On the "FTP Options" section, specify IP addresses or IP address ranges for searching files on FTP servers. Click OK.

Searching Files

1. On the main window, type the search string, file name, or file masks delimited by semicolons.

2. Select places for searching (shared resources and/or FTP servers).

3. Click the "Search" button to start searching for the needed files on your network.



Please read menu description and program settings description to use all the features correctly. The FAQ is also very helpful.