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Press Release: 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer, June 2008

Audit Hardware and Software Installed on Network Computers

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The complexity of corporate networks continues to grow as enterprises add new communication technologies and equipment. Network Inventory Explorer from 10-Strike Software will help network administrators visualize assets on their computers and manage complex networks better.

June 25, 2008 10-Strike Software today announces version 2.3 of its network inventory solution for Windows platforms - 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer. Targeting small and medium-sized businesses, Network Inventory Explorer offers a broad range of features that allow system administrators to automate hardware and software inventory in a network. One of the specialties of this product is its ability to audit changes in computer configuration the administrator will instantly know when a device is removed or a new one, for example, a USB drive, is plugged in.

audit network computers hardware and software10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer automates device and software discovery, letting the administrator see all network assets on a screen in just a click. Available inventory methods include an agent-free audit using the WMI technology (Windows Management Instrumentation), agent-based audit, and client application audit. The first method doesn't require installation of additional software on remote machines. The collected information is loaded to a central database repository and can be viewed at any time, even if the administrator's computer is not connected to the network. At any moment, it's possible to see a clear representation of the hardware and software configuration of the network computers, track and watch changes in the computer configuration and respond to them proactively. If, for example, someone installed an unwanted application onto a network computer, the administrator will be able to see it and take preventive measures.

A powerful report builder lets you generate detailed asset reports automatically without wasting time on unnecessary paperwork. The reports can be in various file formats HTML, DOC, RTF, XLS, TXT for a single computer or a group of computers. Using the report templates, the user can easily configure the groups of data to be included in the reports.

The program will help the administrator track all licensing information and plan software upgrades better. Now, it is possible to take the guesswork out of software purchases as the administrator will know exactly how many licenses are needed. The program is also good for keeping hardware under control. With Network Inventory Explorer, you will have up-to-date hardware information to be able to plan upgrades more accurately. For example, the user can generate reports on machines with insufficient RAM or disk space and use this information to plan upgrades.

Recent additions to version 2.3 are aimed at better usability. Now, users can right-click on any item in the information pane and from the context menu select to copy data about the item to the clipboard, send it to print, or save it to multiple formats (.html, .doc, .xls, .txt, .csv). The adminstrator can also use the Search Online option from the same menu to search for the device online. For example, you can right-click on the printer record and search for an updated driver for it online.

Available now, 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer is priced per audit node. Pricing for 50 computer node license is $199.95. A trial version can be used for 14 days.


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