10-Strike Network Monitor Pro Version History


Version 6.4, January 2020
- Added a dedicated service for the internal monitoring of our monitoring server (the watchdog) which will improve the program stability and provide the flawless operation.
- Pro: Added ability to create a custom context map menu for actions on hosts. Add your own menu items and execute these functions for a selected host while overviewing the map or the check list.
- Added ability to switch to a secondary backup address automatically in a monitoring check for a host if the dependent check is failed.
- Added ability to record all incoming messages from Syslog and SNMP trap to the log file ignoring the filter settings.
- Pro: Web: Added displaying widgets on the map (charts, diagrams).
- Pro: Web: Added displaying double lines on the map.
- Pro: Web: Added the "Remember me" function for the web UI allowing you to log on without the password authorization.
- Pro: Added ability to edit the database path for the web UI in the program settings (the Web section).
- Added the VS and JS script execution time timeout limitation setting. This allows you to execute heavy scripts that work longer than the default 5-second timeout (for example, a VBScript that is used in the "Folder size" can work quite slow on "heavy" folders).
- Added a new check status called "Not checked" for cases when a host has the "Do not run other checks if... the first check is failed/passed"option enabled and this condition is satisfied.
- Added a button for testing the Slack and Telegram notifications to the program settings.
- Pro: Optimized loading of the big number of log records (Syslog, SNMP trap, and alert log).
- Removed the automatic expanding of all host groups in the host tree on the program start.
- Pro: Web: Fixed the sound notification issue in the web UI.

Version 6.3, November 2019
- Pro: Added ability to display indicators and widgets on the map. Now you can place charts, diagrams, and gauges right on the network map near with host icons.
- Added the hard drive work load monitoring support.
- Added the web server response code monitoring to the HTTP/HTTPS check.
- Added the POST request monitoring to the HTTP/HTTPS check.
- Added the keyword existence monitoring (on a web page) to the HTTP/HTTPS check.
- The "Switch port" check can now return the switch port number for a host. You can display the port number on a host connection line on the map using the substitution keys.
- Pro: Added a mini map that enables you to navigate easier on large maps.
- Pro: Added ability to import network maps from 10-Strike LANState.
- Pro: Added the parameter filter fields to the log watching windows for SNMP trap and Syslog.
- Pro: Added ability to delete old records in the SNMP trap and Syslog logs.
- Pro: Added the map object grid alignment (with a configurable step).
- Pro: Added displaying the current map scaling ratio in the status bar.
- Added ability to configure the data storage folder during the program installation.
- Added ability of adding dependencies to a group of checks saving its previous settings. For example, if some checks already have some dependencies configured, a newly added dependency will not overwrite the older ones.
- Pro: Added displaying the host counter on the status bar of the map window.
- Pro: Fixed displaying Google Maps as a map background. The map provider was replaced to Open Street Map.
- Pro: Improved the program performance in case of working with user icons on the map.
- Pro: Improved the program performance in case of loading logs.
- Pro: Fixed the map scrolling issue in case of the device searching on the map.
- Pro: Fixed the icon copy/paste function in case when maps have different scaling ration.

Version 6.2, September 2019
- Added support for sending notifications to Slack and Telegram.
- Added the "Current events" window displaying all the last program messages (alerts, syslog, traps).
- Added displaying the check description in the list of dependent checks.
- Added a new setting "Wait till the check finishing on the service stop". If you disable this setting, this can speed up the monitoring service restarting.
- Pro: The new installation package uses the Firebird v3 database. The Firebird 2.5 -> Firebird 3 migration is described in the help system.
- Pro: Added a new map object - the image. For example, you can load a photo of your server rack and place the server and other icons on it.
- Pro: Added ability of adding map links to any map object (line, area, host).
- Pro: The statistics file storage clearing is now performed by the task scheduler based on a pre-configured task for that.
- Pro: Added the column limitation and improved the table icon alignment algorithm.
- Pro: Added displaying the number of the Netflow statistics strings on the Netflow settings window.
- Pro: Web: Added sound notifications in the web interface.
- Pro: Web: Added ability to scale the map (use the mouse scrolling wheel with CTRL).
- Pro: Web: Added ability to move the map with mouse.
- Added searching for Unicode text strings on HTML pages in the HTTP/HTTPS check.
- Added the "Not checked" status for checks which were not executed according to the host setting "Do not run other checks from the list if... the first check is passed/failed..." is enabled.
- Pro: Web: Fixed the table icon alignment.
- Added displaying captions like "port 1 | port 2" at both line ends using "|" as a divider.
- Fixed the big number issue in OID.
- Fixed the bug with substitution of a fractional result in the counted formula check.
- Improved the counted formula check operation in the case of counting the traffic bandwidth.
- Fixed the string search in Unicode files.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 6.1, February 2019
- Pro: Added the device type and icon editing. You can import new icons from Visio icon libraries.
- Added the dashboard configuration. You can place widgets displaying parameters from various checks and save its settings.
- Added a new widget type displaying a monitored parameter's value chart for the last hour.
- Added ability to generate the "Report on host checks" automatically in the Scheduler and send the report via email.
- Added an option for the SNMP check conditions allowing detecting whether a string value is "empty" or "not empty".
- Added a setting for changing the sub-string searching mode in the "File existence" check (search from the file start or continue from the previous place).
- Added the folder date monitoring to the "File age" check.
- Pro: Added an ability to monitor some critical S.M.A.R.T. hard drive parameters separately.
- Added displaying the "Enabled by schedule" status in lists for checks with configured scheduler.
- Added displaying the polled host address in the MIB browser.
- Pro: Added ability to rename network maps.
- Added the statistics exporting to a CSV file for a single check.
- Added ability to copy the log records to the clipboard on the Log window.
- Added ability to expand or collapse all the host tree items.
- Pro: Web: Optimized a few the web UI functions for speed. The application works much faster in the browser window now.
- Pro: Web: Improved the web interface's design.
- Pro: Web: Fixed all found bugs in the web UI.
- Pro: Fixed the line connections for polylines on the network map.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 6.0, October 2018
- The program has got a dashboard for displaying dynamically changed parameters and values from host checks. You can now watch the state of the most important hosts with help of these new graphic indicators and gauges. When you click on an indicator the program will open a detailed chart displaying how the parameter changed in time.
- Added creation of new alert levels (different from binary states like "passed/failed"). You can now create intermediate states indicating that the parameter has a critical value close to a failure. For example, you can create the "Warning" alert level with the critical threshold set to 80% of the failure limit value.
- Pro: Added hiding/displaying map objects (lines, areas, hosts) as an action in response to the check results.
- Pro: Added changing the area color as an action in response to the check results.
- Pro: Added displaying the string and integer values of the monitored parameters on the area, line, and icon captions.
- Added ability to specify a measure unit and the parameter name in the check properties. This information will be used for displaying axis captions on charts and on the dashboard's indicators.
- Added a multiplier setting to the check properties. This multiplier is used for the automatic conversion of the check result to necessary measure units (for numerical check results). For example, you can convert bytes to megabytes in the traffic counter check.
- Added the new "Bandwidth on network interface" check. Now you can monitor deviation of the network bandwidth from the average bandwidth value. You can configure thresholds and alert levels.
- Added ability to monitor the folder size (based on the VBScript check).
- Added ability to duplicate a host with all its checks and parameters (and create hosts using templates). Addresses will be replaced to new in the dependencies and counted checks.
- Added getting the variable values in the MIB browser over SNMP. The GET and GETNEXT requests are supported. You can now save a full SNMP dump from a device to a file.
- Pro: Added ability to add selected hosts to the map from the monitoring database.
- Pro: Added ability to assign map icons to hosts from the monitoring database.
- Added the automatic text replacement in the sender's IP and OID (the SNMP trap monitoring). Now, events are recorded with the replaced OID text to the SNMP trap log.
- Added an ability to respond to the process running in the "Process Existence" check (in addition to response to the process closing).
- Added the "Request type" parameter in the SNMP check. You can receive values with a variable OID index with help of the GET NEXT request.
- Added the result "in range" condition in the "External Application" check.
- Added ability to connect to any namespace in the WMI check (it is necessary to update the agent service in the Pro version if you use agents).
- Added ability to select a user account for running the monitoring service in the program settings. We have added a button for it in the "Monitoring Service" section.
- Added the host system date parameter (oid conversion to a readable format from hex.
- Pro: Added the notification about the scheduled database backup creation's finishing.
- Pro: Added limitations on the password length and simplicity during the user creation. The "123" passwords are not allowed anymore :).
- Pro: Added displaying the current database server address on the bottom status bar of the console.
- Pro: Web: Added changing the column width on the Check List windows in the web mode. These settings are saved.
- Pro: Web: Added writing the web session's start and end time to a separate log.
- Pro: Web: Improved the web interface. The new UI design was implemented. Maps, the dashboard, and the check list were moved to separate tabs. We have improved usability and look for all windows and forms.
- Added the password encryption for all unencrypted passwords in the storage (only a few; all others were already encrypted).
- Added storing the IP address list in the host properties.
- Increased the maximum number of formula elements in "Counted check" from 20 to 50.
- Removed the default script | awk '{print "result=",$1}' from the SSH check (in the custom command mode). If you use this mode, add this code to your script or the execution string.
- Improved the ICMP ping check.
- Added displaying string variables in the "Monitored parameter" column in the Check List (in addition to numerical variables).
- Fixed the key value processing starting from the CHECK10 key in the "Counted formula check".
- Fixed a bug in the HTTPS check. It did not work out on the first run.
- Fixed error in the "Eventlog" check that occurred when changing one log to another in the settings.
- Pro: Fixed a non-critical bug occurred during the host deletion (for big groups of hosts).
- Pro: Fixed the text record displaying in the alert log.
- Fixed the timeout error in the SSH check.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.5, February 2018
- Pro: Web: Added the fully-functional network map to the web UI!
- Pro: Web: Added the task scheduler management to the web UI.
- Added the new "Combined check results" monitoring check type.
- Added the new "Expression check" monitoring check type.
- Added ability to select a cartridge in the printer toner/ink level monitoring check.
- Pro: Added the network map file import from 10-Strike Network Diagram (this is our network topology discovery program).
- Pro: Added ability to manually link map icons to existing hosts from the monitoring database.
- Pro: Added changing the line color on the network map according to the check result of one of the line's hosts.
- Added ability to generate continuous notifications while a check is in the failed state.
- Added a scheduler for checks. You can specify time for the check execution.
- Added ability to substitute user values instead of OID received in the SNMP trap ("Settings" - "SNMP").
- Added the SNMPv3 support for SNMP traps.
- Added configuring the time interval during the check creation.
- Added moving folders to the host tree root.
- Added substitution keys for the current date in all checks where file and folder paths are used. You can also use the date keys in the text file content monitoring check (for example, if you want to find a log record for the current day).
- Pro: Added editing the check properties and notification settings using the icon's context menu of the network map.
- Pro: Added tool tips indicating the check statuses for icons on the network map.
- Pro: If no monitoring server is specified for a host, the program will tell you about this in the check status field.
- Pro: The program will propose you to create the database backup task in the system Scheduler.
- Pro: Moved the SMTP server settings (for sending emails from the program) from the database to a local file. This allows you to make various settings for various monitoring servers.
- Pro: Fixed a bug when the program did not disable previously specified notification methods.
- Fixed the issue with missing labels for vertical and horizontal lines.
- Fixed saving and loading polylines.
- Fixed displaying incorrect downtime in the polling statistics.
- Fixed processing numeric values in the SNMP check (in the range check).

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.4, September 2017
- Pro: Added the NetFlow protocol support. Now you can monitor the network bandwidth and utilized traffic volume for a time period. The program can also send alerts when the traffic limit is exceeded. Watch the detailed statistics, build traffic and bandwidth charts, use filters.
- Pro: Added the secure HTTPS protocol support in the web UI. Check the "Web Interface" section of the program settings.
- Pro: Web: Added the data loading according to the user roles and access rights. The Web UI has got the full multiple-user support.
- Pro: Added ability to watch the program logs in a more comfort way with the string searching and filtering functions.
- Pro: Added ability to clear the Syslog and SNMP trap logs.
- Added running checks based on the schedule in the Task Manager.
- Added saving and sending reports via e-mail in the Task Manager.
- Added the database backup copy creation in the Task Manager.
- Added a setting for selecting what to display in the host titles on the host tree (address, name, or both).
- Pro: Improved the notification message about bad S.M.A.R.T. check results. Added displaying the S.M.A.R.T. value name, its threshold and current values.
- Pro: Fixed the check list refreshing bug for the "Failed checks" folder in case of connecting the managing console to the monitoring service through the database (this is an optional method).
- Pro: Fixed the database backup creation bug (in the program settings).
- Fixed the Syslog message encoding bug.
- Fixed the column displaying settings bug in the list of checks.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.3, March 2017
- Pro: Added user accounts and roles for multiple user access to the program. Users can have a specific set of rights for accessing the host database and program functions.
- Fixed the host moving bug when a destination folder was not visible. The automatic scrolling function was added to the host list.
- Fixed found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.2, February 2017
- Pro: Added checking the database TCP port availability when installing remote monitoring servers.
- Pro: Fixed the critical bug when monitoring servers did not reconnect to the database after a disconnection.
- Added the fractional number support in the SNMP parameters' value monitoring.
- Added the "Check description" column on the dependent check selection window.
- The "Host / Check" column was split to two columns in the "Common statistics" table.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.1, December 2016
- Added the new ink level check for monitoring the ink/toner level in network printers.
- Added the new network interface (switch port) check.
- Added ability to send e-mail alerts using proxy servers.
- Fixed other found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 5.0, December 2016
- Pro: We have added a graphic network map so you can watch the network state in a more obvious way. Move icons, change its size, connect icons with lines, and add other objects for a better map look. The device states are displayed using colorful vector icons. Improve the old boring "table" host state look and start using the network map.
- Improved the dialog window design.
- Added the message decoding in the "Syslog monitoring" and "SNMP trap receiving" functions.
- Added the "Response time" parameter to the "Linux/SSH" check.
- Pro: Fixed the disk list receiving bug in the S.M.A.R.T. check.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.6, October 2016
- Added the "Linux/SSH" check for the performance monitoring of various parameters (cpu load average, hdd, mem) on *nix systems (linux, freebsd, android, etc.). This check allows you to execute any custom bash scripts or commands, and to process its output.
- Added the new "Task Scheduler" function which allows you to configure the host checking via schedules. This can be useful when you do not need to execute some check too often.
- Added the "Total monitored downtime" and "Downtime rate" columns in the monitoring statistics report. You can see your network equipment's efficiency now.
- Enhanced the downtime settings in the monitoring parameters. You can configure various downtimes for each day of week now.
- Pro: Fixed a critical bug in the agent and in the monitoring service. This bug could lead the agent to a higher CPU usage.
- Fixed other found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.5, July 2016
[From now, we have merged the Pro and standard version numbers.]
- Pro: Added ability to use the "more/less/equal/not equal" conditions for the S.M.A.R.T. parameter monitoring.
- Pro: Added ability to monitor the RAW hard drive parameters in the S.M.A.R.T. check.
- Pro: Fixed the agent operation when the password protection is enabled.
- Added the automatic GSM/3G/4G modem COM port detection.
- Fixed error with updating the check status after the dependency configuration.
- Fixed the dependency error when the "Alert during the first check" parameter is enabled.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.4, June 2016
- Pro: The first English public release of the Pro version.
- Pro: Web: Added all charts from the desktop version.
- Pro: Web: Added ability to watch all logs with the search and filter functions.
- Pro: Web: Added alerting for cases when a monitoring server goes down.
- Pro: Web: Added ability to start and stop the monitoring process on the server management window.
- Pro: Web: Decreased the string height in the list of check so more checks can now be displayed on the same area.
- Pro: Web: Fixed all found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.3, March 2016
- Pro: Web: Improved the web UI. Added missing desktop functions and fixed bugs of the first beta version.
- Pro: Added ability to monitor parameters which are received by the "VBScript" and "JavaScript" monitoring checks. With user scripts, you can monitor a wide specter of the system parameters. For example, you can monitor the RAM usage.
- Pro: Added ability execute the ICMP ping check on the remote agent's side. This allows you to monitor devices connected to the remote agent's PC locally (for example, video cameras or video recorders).
- Pro: Added alerting for cases when monitoring servers are getting down. The message is displayed on the main window and on the list of checks. The monitoring server list also contains the server status information.

10-Strike Network Monitor (Pro) 4.2, January 2016
- Added ability to monitor parameters which are received by the "VBScript" and "JavaScript" monitoring checks. With user scripts, you can monitor a wide specter of the system parameters. For example, you can monitor the RAM usage.
- Added new substitution keys in the "Run application" function.
- Added the automatic program log file cutting.
- Increased the maximum monitoring thread count limit in the program settings.
- Fixed the SNMP trap filter.
- Fixed other found bugs.

10-Strike Network Monitor Pro 1.0 beta, June 2015
- The first public beta release of the new Pro version of 10-Strike Network Monitor product.
The Pro version contains the following powerful features comparing to the standard version:
1) Distributed network monitoring supported (thanks to a common database and distributed network of the monitoring servers and agents).
2) Web UI for watching the results and managing the system.